Village of Bolingbrook

Bolingbrook Jubilee 2024

August 16, 2024         6pm - 10pm
August 17, 2024       12pm - 10pm
August 18, 2024         12pm - 9pm

2024 Pathways Parade Online Entry Form

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Beyond the Starts in Bolingbrook

Registration forms including your commentary must be received no later than September 03, 2024 to be accepted. The Parade Line-Up will be determined on or about September 05, 2024. Line up number and other important parade information will be emailed to the email address given on the application. It is MANDATORY that all contact details are completely filled out on your entry form.

Please review the judging categories and carefully choose only the most appropriate “one” for your entry. Due to the number of entries in the parade, please limit your performance in front of the reviewing stand to 1 minute, including set up and take down time, the parade suffers in length of time and the entries behind you wait when you spend more than the allotted time. Your parade position and/or eligibility will be re-considered for the following year if your group exceeds this time limit.  No additions to your application will be allowed on the day of the Parade. Only those on your application will be allowed to participate or march.  There is no rain date.

If you have any questions, please call Chairman Joe Gross at 773-818-8635 or email him at There is no Fee for entry into the Parade. We look forward to your participation this year, and hope you enjoy the Parade.

During and After the Parade we will have our annual PathFest with entertainment behind the Town Center. Please come to the awards after the Parade at the Roger C. Claar Performing Arts Stage.

Thank You,

Bolingbrook Pathways Parade Committee


SELECT ONLY ONE category to participate in the Parade.

Select from one of the 5 Choices listed, CHOOSE ONLY ONE.

Category 1. Walking/Marching Units (different than Gymnastics/Dance&Exercise):
Category 2. Gymnastics/Dance & Exercise (different than Walking/Marching Units):
Number of Participants (for Category Choice 1 or 2):
Category 3. Floats:
Category 4. Vehicles:
Category 5. Miscellaneous/Non-Judged:
If Category 5. Miscellaneous - Other Selected - Please Specify:

If you are having a vehicle(s) in you lineup regardless of the Entry Type selected you must provide the following information. TYPE:
Type: Other-Specify

(All Details in this section are Mandatory, in case of Emergency.)

Organization, Group or Business Name*
Your Name*
Phone (Mobile)*
Phone (Alternate)
Your Email*
If you have any type of Music or Speakers on your entry, please let us know here and what type:
MANDATORY: Commentary on your group or organization to be read by the Emcee at the reviewing stand during the parade. Keep it precise, short and simple. (Tell the residents about your group or organization in 50 words or less.) (The Committee will edit content for time.)*



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