Village of Bolingbrook

Festival of Lights - Winter Walk

Dec. 7, 2024 - Jan. 5, 2025
Dusk - 10:00pm

Decorations and Ornaments made from the materials listed below are not allowed to be hung on the trees and will be removed.
Please keep in mind the health and safety of wildlife when constructing your ornaments.

Materials NOT Recommended for Ornaments:

FOOD ITEMS (including but not limited to):
• Cereal
• Suet with bird seed
• Peanut butter balls
• Dog biscuits
• Pine cones dipped in peanut butter
• Pet Food
• Food on strings (popcorn, cereal, peanuts)
• Candy Canes

• Tinsel (or icicles)
• Straw
• Glass
• Ceramic/Porcelain

• Ornaments made of dough
• Varnished of shellacked dough

• Strung Styrofoam "peanuts"
• Objects with jagged edges
• Unlamented paper


Materials Recommended for Ornaments:

• Decorated popsicle sticks
• Laminated paper
• Styrofoam balls
• Plastic needlepoint clothespins
• Foil wrapped objects
• Strung beads
• Yarn
• Fabric
• Soda cans
• Wood items
• Plastic containers (film, margarine)
• Plastic milk bottles


The ornaments and displays need to withstand the elements of winter. Ornaments should be painted, varnished, shellacked, or laminated (this does not include food items). Water-soluble glue (Elmer's) is NOT recommended.

Please hang ornaments with string, wire, pipe cleaners or yarn. Tie the ornaments on tight enough that they will not blow off (several trees last year lost all its ornaments the next day after they were decorated).

Your groups should make enough ornaments to sufficiently decorate these trees – approximately 50–100 ornaments about 3" to 4" in size.

Please Note: If your group would like to keep its ornaments, you can remove them during take down week January 8–14, 2023 between 9:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. when your organization cleans up its display.  Any ornaments left on the trees after Monday, January 15, 2023 will not be saved.

Questions? Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or you can contact Joe at 773-818-8635.

*The Village of Bolingbrook, Civic & Cultural Affairs Commission is not responsible for ornaments/decorations that are missing, stolen, or lost.
**Please note that ornaments made of breakable or edible items will be removed from the trees and items will not be saved.