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DEADLINE IS NOVEMBER 19th, but may be extended if spaces are still available. 

Announcing our annual Festival of Lights – Winter Walk.  Our winter event is open to the public on the grounds behind Town Center from December 2nd – January 7th. With a kickoff event on December 2nd from 5:30 – 7:30pm for our Annual Official Tree Lighting Ceremony!

The Festival of Lights – Winter Walk Committee is currently looking for organizations, church groups, non-profits, and local clubs to assist us in decorating the grounds around the Town Center Pond.   Each area will be approximately 10x15 and the committee will be providing each space with a holiday tree to decorate and holiday lights to border your space.  Reminder, please bring any decor that you wish to fit into your space to accent your holiday tree.  However, this is a lights festival to be viewed not only during the day, but especially at night so most items should be lit in some way or bring flood lights to light up your space.

Spaces are limited so don’t wait till the deadline.

This family event is free to everyone to visit and will be located on the grounds behind Town Center at 375 W. Briarcliff Road.  Residents and visitors will be allowed to view everyone’s displays as they stroll around the path from December 2nd – January 7th.

Decorating Days will be from November 19th through December 1st.  Your display must be ready by the end of the day on December 1st as we need to check the lights and power prior to the opening day!

PLEASE DO NOT DRIVE ON PATH AROUND POND, bring a cart or wagon to transport your items.  There are new displays that extend over the path and will not allow vehicles to pass under them.

Along with the decorations we will also have opportunities to fund raise for your group.  We will have events on all three weekend event dates, December 2nd, 10th & 15th (from 5:30 – 8:30pm) and each of those days will offer snacks to purchase and entertainment and activities for the kids and family.  We will have available for a few groups to sell each weekend Holiday Popcorn, Hot Chocolate & Mulled Cider, and Peppermint Cotton Candy. We will also have a few other treats for the kids and adults alike on different weekends.  If you think you would like to earn a few dollars for your group, please be sure to check mark the box on the form and we will take each group on a first come first serve basis and get back to you with a link to the sign up form. 

Also, if your organization, church group, non-profits, or local club would like to sell or give away your own items during the three weekend events that would be great too.  Please list that on the application and you can set up next to your display or if you like up front by our snacks and drinks location.

The guideline for decorating is very simple.  With their being limited amounts of spaces to decorate, each group will be assigned an area to make a cute holiday display. You will need to bring your own decorations as well as items to decorate your holiday tree.    The trees will need lights and ornaments and any other decor you choose per the agreed decoration rules.  However, any lights used in the space must be LED lights as power is limited in the display areas.  Instructions and rules for what can be on the trees and in the display area is located at this link so be sure to click on it to know what you can and cannot bring for the tree and display.

Please remember that the displays will remain up until January so all items on the tree and in the display area will need to be anchored properly to withstand rain, snow, and wind.  We will have commissioners check periodically on the displays to be sure they have not blown away, but please take time to check yourself as it is your display and your vision.  Commissioners will be checking your displays after the day you specified to be sure everything is anchored properly and if not, we will contact you with advice.

We are also asking all groups to save the date and take down all your decorations in your area.  Take down dates will be during the week of January 9th – 14th, 2023.  Reminders will be sent.

Thank you for considering to help us make a great event for Bolingbrook Residents and Visitors with this special annual holiday treat!

Civic & Cultural Affairs Commission
Winter Walk Committee



2023 Winter Walk