2018 Pathways Parade and PathFest

Frequently Asked Questions And Answers

Q: Where is the Parade Route and what time does it start?
A: The Parade route starts at Bolingbrook High School, East on Lily Cache, North on Canterbury to Town Center. Where there is entertainment after the event. The Parade starts at 2:00pm.

Q What time must I be there to participate in the parade?
A: Your organization must be in your place in the lineup, one half hour before the start of the parade. The parade starts at 2:00pm , therefore you should be there at 1:30pm at the latest. Anyone showing up late (after 2:00pm) will not be allowed to participate. We have to keep a tight schedule for others and the television crews.

Q: Who can we contact if we withdraw from the parade?
A: The information that is sent out for the application of participation has the details. If you do not have these, please contact:
Joe Gross, Parade Chairperson at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Q: If it is raining will the parade be cancelled?
A: No. The parade will go on rain or shine.

Q: Can anyone join the parade?
A: Any organization, business, church, school or other groups can enter an application , and if accepted by the Commission, will be allowed to participate.
Any participant that applies for entry into the parade, and the Commission deems it necessary to eliminate them because of previous problems that have come up, will be notified. This has happened in the past and participants that were disruptive, or caused a health and safety issue to the public in general, were disallowed.

Q: Is there a fee to enter the parade?
A: There is no fee to enter.

Q: Where and when do we get the results? (that is, if we took 1st place etc.)
A: Right after the Parade (approx. 4:15pm at the stage behind Village Hall is where the results and trophies are handed out. There will be entertainment before and after the presentation along with the PathFest behind Village Hall.

Q: If we have problems finding our location in the lineup for our group, who do we see?
A: When you arrive at the Bolingbrook High School, please enter off of Schmidt rd into the High School parking lot. You will then be directed to your spot by the Parade Commissioners, who will be oniste in Blue Commissioner Shirts. There will also be a Police presence for all other questions of traffic.
Please follow the instructional map that was sent to your organization.