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June 27, 2021       Noon - 6:00pm

2021 Picnic Online Registration Form


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(All Details in this section are Mandatory, in case of Emergency.)

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6. Do you plan on selling food and/or beverages of your own, if so please provide the following information? (Booth Fee - $25 which includes 1 table and 2 chairs.) (Don’t forget to fill out your Will County Health Department Form and send it in at least 10 days prior to event.) (This question is not for running a Village sponsored booth. If your organization would like to help run a Village sponsored Food Booth, email your request to, first come first serve basis.)*

If Yes, please provide item name and price.

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Village of Bolingbrook

Applications that require payment must mail check so that it is received by 6/21/21 or drop it off at Village Hall Executive Department: Attn: CCA - Picnic.

Mail payment to:

Village of Bolingbrook
CCA – Village Picnic
375 W. Briarcliff Rd
  Bolingbrook, IL60440